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Our Mission

The mission of The Net Resource Foundation is to challenge systemic issues through mentorship and community-building programs in the South Chattanooga Community.

Kitchen Incubator

The highlight of the Southside Kitchen Incubator and Bistro will be the Kitchen Incubator and Food Truck Commissary. The Kitchen Incubator will serve multiple purposes to include:

  • Incubation Hub For Startup Culinary Entrepreneurs.
  • Spotlighting One Chef Rotating Every 6 Months.
  • Food Commissary For Food Trucks.
Bistro and Coffee Shop
The Kitchen Incubator and Bistro will offer fresh brewed international roasted coffee from such areas as Jamaica, Hawaii, and Central America. Packaged ground coffee will be available for on-site pick-up and ordering through the company website. Specialty beverages such as ice coffee, energy drinks, and fruit smoothies will be available as well. The Café will offer signature food dishes from the Kitchen Incubator by local culinary entrepreneurs.
Community Space
The 618 Project will fill the need for an attractive meeting space in the area. This will be a neighborhood venue for professionals and workers to meet, while being the centerpiece for visiting travelers to the area.

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